Posted by: Shane Evans

Looking to Sell? Need vs. Want...?

March 2017

When contemplating listing your home for sale, one key question I ask all home sellers is, it a need or a want to sell your property..?The answer will depend on a number of factors, such as current lifestyle, personal circumstances, outside influences etc. For example, a 'need' to sell may be because of a job transfer interstate or overseas and a 'want' may be because even though you relish the home and location, it is just too big as the children have left home. It is also crucial your consultant (agent) is on the same page as you from Day 1 and understands clearly your motivation levels behind the transaction (a 'need' means you are more highly motivated to transact than simply a 'want').

If you 'need' to sell, critical decisions need to be made around pricing the property to stimulate high enquiry levels, creating competition for your property within the first 7 -14 days of the campaign. When selling, a non-negotiable is, irrespective of need or want, an exceptional, high class level of quality marketing/promotion of the property at all times..